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Overview Article


I have just completed an article that will give people an overview of Reloaders Log and how many of the features can be used.

The article may be used as a base to any blog post or article you would like to add to your site. All I ask is you to let me know, so I can link to it from this blog.

Take a look over at Reloaders Log.



Major Site Addition – Dynamic Generated Targets


We have just made a new addition to Reloaders Log with targets that can be generated to your personal requirements.

Just fill in a few fields of how you would like the target to look and it will then generate a PDF for you.


Just head on over to our Target Generator and test it out. You do not need a Reloaders Log Account to use it.


New Target – Ladder 1 inch


We have just uploaded a new Target to be used for ladder testing.

It only has vertical grid lines and 4 separate targets – print as many as you need

Here is the PDF. It US Letter, so metric people – please print it at 100% – no page scaling.