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Great Website – Full30


Heres a great website for everyone to check out. Many of the YouTube videos you watch may be on here.

This site is aimed directly at the shooting / tactical commumity.


Online Ballistic Calculators at

2013-04-18 is dedicated to helping shooters with their various ballistic calculations by offering free online ballistic calculators and providing ballistic theory on how to do and apply the calculations. They hope you find the information and calculators on their website useful.
The goal is to make the website simple, uncluttered, effective, and as efficient for you as possible.

This is definately a very good resource for anyone interested in ballistics.

Check them out at


The Shooting Bulletin


Hi Everyone,
There is a new site available to people called The Shooting Bulletin.
It has all the latest information from blogs and YouTube channels from around the net.

Check it out at


Minor Site Update – Links Page


We have just add a few new links to the Links Page within Reloaders Log – Not all Reloading related, but sites I consider to be of interest to reloaders and people interested in guns.

Imminent Threat Solutions (ITS Tactical)
Great Gear, Great Information

Survival Straps
When you wear a piece of Survival Strap gear, you are making the statement that you believe in American production and all the things that Survival Straps stands for. What do we stand for you ask? We invite you to read on to learn a little more about what Survival Straps is all about.

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Added New Reference Page


We have just added a New Reference Material Page to Reloaders Log.

It just has the standard stuff you would expect to see all in one place.

Let us know if there are any other books we should add to the list.

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