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Account Features Updated


We have updated the Account Features Page to reflect the latest Updates.



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Custom reload data fields coming soon.


We are currently working on the users ability to create custom data fields for their reloads.

This will allow you to setup and configure custom load data you keep track of personally. This is taking a little longer than usual as at the same time we want this information to be available in the reporting side of things aswell – there is a lot of thought going into this one.


Merry Christmas Everyone


Greetings all from Reloaders Log,

We would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year.

Sending out a great thanks to all the people who have signed up to Reloaders Log, it looks like we are off to a great start thanks to all of you.

Seasons Greetings

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Head Stamps on Brass / Cases


Have you ever wondered what the meanings of the numbers and letters stamped on the head of brass is ?
As a general rule it will consist of the Manufacturers Identifier / Year / Load Type and then the chambering of the brass (eg. .223 Rem). There are definitely exceptions to the rule.

Quality of brass can also be deduced by the head stamp as some manufacturers could only be loaded a few times and others 10-20 depending on other factors like pressure and cleaning. This can be subjective depending on who you talk to.

As a general rule I use brass with the same head stamp on them in my batches of reloads (I have about 6 different types now). There will almost certainly be differences between the manufacturers and years (and even batches).

An excellent resource is over at where they have a Reference List (Disclaimer: All information contained in this site is presented for historical information only)

If anyone knows of any other Head Stamp resources, please feel free to leave a comment.