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Semi-Auto Rifle Cleaning (AR-10, LR-308, SR-25, M110) – 8541 Tactical (LoneWolfUSMC)


John McQuay offers great advice in his Mail Call Mondays videos. I am sure there will be something in here for you.

YouTube Channel8541 Tactical

Please visit 8541 Tactical web site for more great articles and information. I have learn’t a lot from this Former Marine Corps Scout Sniper and LE SWAT Sniper John McQuay and I’m sure you will too.

Reloaders Log


Blank Load Data Sheets for Reloading Ammo


We have just added Blank Load Data PDFs for your Ammo Reloading needs.

These are the same as you would get generated for you from Reloaders Log except they are blank for people who are not using our system.



Head on over to Reloaders Log to download these PDFs.



Your Logo on Printable Targets


We have added a new feature to allow you to put your own branding on targets that we generate out of Reloaders Log. We will replace our logo with your logo.

This is a TOTALLY FREE service.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


Friend of Reloaders Log and Reciprocal Links


We have a linking system on our main site for friends of Reloaders Log and reciprocal links. The links are selected at random and show up in our Latest Information panel on the right of our site below Reloaders Log news (this panel shows up on many pages within our site).

If you have a blog that is updated frequently we can show the latest postings below the link to your web site.
The title of your site is a live link aswell as the post links.

If you do not have a frequently updated blog we can also link to your site with a small description below the site title.



The title and link of your web site is generated directly inside the page so search engines will see it (we do not put it in as a iframe or javascript).
The posts from your blog are added after the page has been loaded (these will not be indexed by search engines).

If you would like to have a link to your site, please contact us and we will be happy to add you (you must be reloading and/or shooting related), we may ask for a reciprocal links.

Head on over to Reloaders Log to check it out.



Benchrest – Target Generator


The Target Generator has a Benchrest Style.

These targets are matched up to the Official Benchrest Targets for 100 yards and 200 yards. We also have a theoretical 50 yard target aswell.

200 Yard Target

200 Yard Target

Please head on over to Reloaders Log to test it out.



Managing your Inventory on Reloaders Log


We have a section over at Reloaders Log to give you a guide on how to manage your inventory and how it gets used while making loads and then the cross references to the results.



If you are interested, please head on over to view the Managing Your Inventory page.



Making a Load on Reloaders Log


We have a section over at Reloaders Log to give you a guide on how to make a load up using the materials in your inventory.



If you are interested, please head on over to view the Make a Load page.



Windmill – Target Generator


The Target Generator has a style of target called Windmill. It is more of a novelty target than a practical one. We hope you enjoy it.



Please head on over to Reloaders Log to test it out.



Seriously Considering Android / iPhone Application


We are seriously considering creating a android / iphone app sooner rather than later.
Based on feedback, we would like to know exactly what features you would like to see in a mobile app.

If we get enough feedback we will begin creating the application, this is a major undertaking and will take several months and a lot of money to complete – especially if we do both platforms at the same time.

Please use our Contact Form with suggestions and interest. We have a few really good ideas up our sleeves aswell – its just a matter of how far we take it. There will definitely be version 2.0 and so on with even better features.

Thank you

Reloaders Log



Dynamically Generated Targets


Reloaders Log has a feature (available to anyone – no registration required) where you can generate targets of any usable size, number, and style.
Just fill in a few fields of how you would like the target to look and it will then generate a PDF for you.

More styles coming soon. Any suggestions would be great.


Just head on over to our Target Generator and test it out. You do not need a Reloaders Log Account to use it.