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Server Update Complete


Well there were a few minor hiccups, but all went well.

Please Contact Us via the contact form or Twitter if there are any problems

Thanks to everyone using ReloadersLog




A advertising banner exchange program for tactical and shooter blogs and sites


To all bloggers and/or web site owners.

No-one seems to accept tactical, shooting or gun related advertising which makes it hard for sites like ours and yours to attract new users.
If your site contains material related to:

  • Guns
  • Ammunition
  • Reloading
  • Knives
  • Tactical Gear
  • Military
  • Shooting sports
  • Survival

You may find it hard to get advertising of your site.

I have been thinking about creating a banner exchange for blogs and sites.

This site would be very modern with all the bells and whistles you would expect. You will be able to directly aim your advertising at certain categories. Basic usage will be fully free to all web site owners.

If you would be interested in using such a site please contact me via the web site


Folio Fabricator Datasheets – Now Live


Folio Fabricator is now live.
Over at Folio Fabricator you can download and generate personalized datasheets and firearm information that you can print out to put into your databooks.
Click the Logo below to go to Folio Fabricator

Folio Fabricator


Comments / Suggestions and General Feedback


It’s that time again when we ask for a little feedback for Comments, Suggestions or any General Feedback that you would like send our way.
We always read it and will get back to you if you also leave and email address.

Any suggestions we have had in the past or will receive in the future will be fully considered and may make it into a future update of Reloaders Log. Some suggestions are very easy to implement, but then there are some that require a lot of work, these may make it into the product when we do major updates.

Please use our Contact Us page if you would like to say anything.

Reloaders Log


New DataSheets Added – Scope Zero and Brass Prep Stage


We have just added 2 New DataSheet PDFs for your Ammo Reloading needs.

Brass Prep Stage:

If you have Brass at various stages of processing – give this Load Stages sheet a try – it mnight help you out. Just tick the column for where that particular brass is at.

Scope Zeros:

Use this sheet to keep track of the scope adjustments needed for any ammunition that you use. If you use factory or reloaded, this chart can be great. The Calculated Up/Right column can be used to write down what your ballistics software has reccomended, you can correct it at the range.
Head on over to Reloaders Log to download these PDFs.



Major Site Update – Share Your Results


For a while we have been meaning to allow users to share their results with friends.
This feature has finally been completed.

To share a Result just click the right arrow at the end of the row for a “Range Tests Results” and you will be taken to the “Share” page.
Select the options you want available to viewers and then click the Tweet button (the tweet button is only available if you make the result public).
We highly suggest you upload a photo of the target (no photos – didn’t happen ūüôā ).


Head on over to Reloaders Log to test this great new feature for yourself.


Lyman – Getting Started in Reloading


A great resource to help you start down the path of reloading is this pdf by Lyman (we are not affiliated with Lyman in any way).

It gives an overview of what reloading is, what products you need (Lyman of course) and how to do it safetly

View the Lyman Getting Started in Reloading here.


Two New Blank Reloading Datasheets Page Sizes


We have just added a A5 version of the reloading data sheet. It is 2 pages, the first page is your load data and the second is the results you get – we reccomend you print as many of the second page as needed.

We have also added a new page size that will fit the RiteInTheRain paper Рplease note that the page size is for the 6 ring binder and you will need to feed the single pages through your printer and not the perforated 2 up sheets. If you have the larger sheets with the 2 perforated sheets we recommend you separate them from the main sheet and feed the smaller sheets through. Please make sure your printer can handle the smaller sheets as we take no responsibility for damage to printers that cannot handle the smaller page sizes Рcommon sense is required. This size is also 2 pages.

These are also available on your own personal printable datasheets from Reloaders Log where all the data will be automatically filled in for you.


Thanks to all users


Hi all,

I would just like to send out my thanks to all of our users.
We really appreciate that fact you have spent your time getting to know the site and a few of you have sent great suggestions.

In the near future I will be putting together a few tutorials and tips on how to really get the most out of Reloaders Log.

For example did you know if you format the status of a load or load group like:

[20] Processing (Remington – Benchmark 2 – CCI)
instead of
Processing (Remington – Benchmark 2 – CCI)

It will use the 20 as a sort position so you can sort all your loads in their groupings. The [20] will not show, just the group name.
20. will also work (there is a space after the period)

Please Feel free to contact us.



Shooter Data Book Pages – Generator


We have been recently thinking about doing data sheets for people to use in their data books, similar to the impact and rite in rain, but will fit most page sizes out there so you can use them in any binder. We are not wanting to do the covers or the binders, just data pages.

As we have a very robust PDF technology that has the ability to dynamically arrange and scale to fit almost any page layout, we thought this might be a good idea.

It would be based on our reloading data sheet and target generator except they would be blank, ready for you to fill in.

If you have any suggestions on what type of data sheets you would like to be able to print, please let us know via Twitter, our Contact page or in the comments here.

Thanks for your time

Reloaders Log