Two New Blank Reloading Datasheets Page Sizes


We have just added a A5 version of the reloading data sheet. It is 2 pages, the first page is your load data and the second is the results you get – we reccomend you print as many of the second page as needed.

We have also added a new page size that will fit the RiteInTheRain paper – please note that the page size is for the 6 ring binder and you will need to feed the single pages through your printer and not the perforated 2 up sheets. If you have the larger sheets with the 2 perforated sheets we recommend you separate them from the main sheet and feed the smaller sheets through. Please make sure your printer can handle the smaller sheets as we take no responsibility for damage to printers that cannot handle the smaller page sizes – common sense is required. This size is also 2 pages.

These are also available on your own personal printable datasheets from Reloaders Log where all the data will be automatically filled in for you.

View our Main Cloud Based Reloaders Logbook over at Reloders Log