Ultimate Reloaders


I can’t believe I only just found this site (via YouTube).

Gavin from Ultimate Reloaders has a awesome selection of videos for all types of reloading information. He reviews all the latest equipment from Hornady, RCBS, Hodgdon, Redding, LEE, Dillon and others.

Check them out at Ultimate Reloaders

Have fun watching all the great videos




SSL Certificate Updates


We have just updated the SSL certificate for ReloadersLog.

Please Contact Us via the contact form or Twitter if there are any problems

If you are unable to access the site due to having an old browser – you will have to upgrade to a modern secure browser (We’re talking anything since 2014)



Server Update Complete


Well there were a few minor hiccups, but all went well.

Please Contact Us via the contact form or Twitter if there are any problems

Thanks to everyone using ReloadersLog




Major Server Upgrade Soon


We will soon be making essential updates to the site code to allow a smooth transition to PHP 7.

Currently these will just contain the essential updates needed to work with PHP 7. I will also try to get some other requested updates in soon after depending on how things go.

Thanks for using ReloadersLog


Great Website – Full30


Heres a great website for everyone to check out. Many of the YouTube videos you watch may be on here.

This site is aimed directly at the shooting / tactical commumity.



A advertising banner exchange program for tactical and shooter blogs and sites


To all bloggers and/or web site owners.

No-one seems to accept tactical, shooting or gun related advertising which makes it hard for sites like ours and yours to attract new users.
If your site contains material related to:

  • Guns
  • Ammunition
  • Reloading
  • Knives
  • Tactical Gear
  • Military
  • Shooting sports
  • Survival

You may find it hard to get advertising of your site.

I have been thinking about creating a banner exchange for blogs and sites.

This site would be very modern with all the bells and whistles you would expect. You will be able to directly aim your advertising at certain categories. Basic usage will be fully free to all web site owners.

If you would be interested in using such a site please contact me via the web site


Thinking of a rewrite of the Web Application


I’m think of doing a full rewrite of the ReloadersLog web application.
Any suggestions on what you would like to see, please feel free to send comments via the web site.


Recall of Remington Model 700 or Model Seven rifles with an X-Mark Pro


There is a Recall of Remington Model 700™ or Model Seven™ rifles with an X-Mark Pro® triggers.

We suggest that if you own one of these models that you go to http://xmprecall.remington.com/ and enter the serial number of your rifle to see if it is part of the recall.



Site Update: Speedup and Export Update


Updates Include:

A few tweaks to ReloadersLog to speed up its response times – hopefully you will notice it.
Updated the Export of your data to include Custom Fields.
Miscellaneous small GUI tweaks.

Thanks for using ReloadersLog



Site Update: Data Backup/Export Added


We have added the functionality for users to download their reloading, inventory and reloading results to tab separated files that Excel or OpenOffice can open for your piece of mind.

To use this function just scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and there will be a button for you to click.

We hope you like this addition and thanks to everyone using Reloaders Log